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Architect Valerio Tunesi


Palazzo Penco - Piazza De Marini, 3 -  16123 - Genoa

​ ​  -   +39 010 8573340

P.I.V.A. 01609260995

The activity carried out in this sector consists in the elaboration of projects for the realization of environmental, historical and landscape recovery interventions for public contracts or competitions

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Municipality of Favignana, Province of Trapani

Competition for ideas for the urban and architectural redevelopment of the square on the Duilio seafront

Parent company arch. V. Tunisian

Municipality of Favignana (TR), 2012 - project ranked eighth

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Municipality of Sarnico, Province of Brescia

Competition for ideas for the design of Piazza XX Settembre and the annexed spaces

Parent company arch. M. Zappettini

Municipality of Sarnico, 2010


Pedestrian path in Villa Serra for direct accessibility between the Gallery of Modern Art and the Wolfson Collection in via Serra Gropallo - Polo Museale di Genova Nervi

Complete ideation and design

Municipality of Genoa, 2009/11


Environmental recovery and enhancement of the ascent path to the viewpoint of the archaeological-nauralistic site of Punta Crena - Finale Ligure (SV)

Excerpt I - complete design, DL, CSP and CSE

Municipality of Finale Ligure, 2009/10



Filing and design with graphic return of identified municipal areas subject to interest for funding request

Coordination of the working group

Municipality of Genoa - Design Office, 2008


Feasibility project for safeguarding, environmental recovery and enhancement

Of the archaeological-naural site of Punta Crena - Finale Ligure (SV)

Design and economic feasibility

Cooperativa Tracce – Municipality of Finale Ligure, 2007


Regional Natural Park Ente Parco dell'Antola GE

Call for the assignment of design and construction management for the construction of a structure to be allocated to an alpine hut near the summit of Monte Antola in the Municipality of Propata

Parent company arch.T.Ferretti, Ente Parco dell'Antola 2004


Historical Center of Santa Margherita Ligure (GE)

Feasibility for new urban furniture and lighting proposal

Municipality of Santa Margherita Ligure, 2004


Protected Marine Area of the Promontory of Portofino GE

Graphic study for the design of technical signage aimed at creating information signs for users of the Marine Protected Area

Strategic framing and project of support structures

Signature Agency, 2004


Regional Natural Park of Aveto GE

Development and environmental redevelopment of the Giacopiane area – preliminary and final design

Ente Parco dell' Aveto, 2003


Municipality of Cesena

Design competition: Piazza della Libertà

Municipality of Cesena, 2003 - parent company arch.Guido Veneziani


Urban park of the Forts of Genoa

Recovery addresses of the walk of the former military road of Forte Ratti

WWF Liguria, 2001


Urban park of the Forts of Genoa

Recovery addresses for the arrangement of green areas and historical routes and arrangement of the Forte Richelieu area

WWF Liguria, 2001-2003


Accommodation of the naturalistic area of Punta Crena in Varigotti - Finale Ligure (SV)

Complete design and DL

WWF Liguria, 2001-2003


Naturalistic oasis at the mouth of the Nervia stream, in Ventimiglia and Camporosso IM

Complete design and DL

WWF Liguria, 1994-1999


Plan of the Regional Natural Park of Aveto GE

Development of cognitive investigation on the territory and typographic filing

Assignment to FBAA of the Ente Parco dell' Aveto, 1998

Preparatory studies for the Plan of the Regional Natural Park of Aveto GE

Coordination of analyses relating to the landscape and urban-territorial aspects

Assignment to FBAA of the Ente Parco dell' Aveto, 1997

Naturalistic oasis on the Centa river, in Albenga SV

Feasibility study and executive project

WWF Liguria, 1994

Executive design of the Milanese Urban Parks of Lambro and Martesana

Illustrations and drafting of the executives

Assignment carried out for Arch. Maurice Cerasi (Milan), 1990-92

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